Kiwi Guardians

Toyota Kiwi Guardians

After seven years and more than 136,000 nature-based adventures and actions completed, DOC, in consultation with Toyota, has made the difficult decision to no longer operate the Toyota Kiwi Guardians (TKG) programme from 1 August 2023. At this stage our marker post is still in place.

Through the Toyota Kiwi Guardians programme, DOC and Toyota connect New Zealand children and their families or whanau with nature so they feel part of it and want to care for it in the future. Connecting children with nature leads to a lifelong engagement with the environment and its health/wellbeing benefits.

Launched in March 2016, Toyota Kiwi Guardians is an accessible, activity-based programme that encourages children and families to go on epic self-guided adventures, undertake backyard conservation actions, and earn rewards. 

There are now over 110 Kiwi Guardians Adventures across New Zealand, and over 15 at-home Actions that kids can do in their own backyard. 

There is a Kiwi Guardian Adventure in the Gardens. 

To learn all about being a Kiwi Guardian, and how to claim your certificate and medal for getting out and doing a Kiwi Guardians adventure, or completing one of the Kiwi Guardians activities - see

(For Toyota, this is part of an ongoing commitment to help grow and support the best of Kiwi life.)