Native trees

There are many species of native New Zealand trees and shrubs in the Gardens.  A local enthusiast, Neville Parminter, has compiled a booklet showing some of the native plants and trees that can be found while walking in the gardens.

DoC - NZ native trees

Native conifers

Conifers have cones!  There are twenty species of conifers (arranged in four families) found only in New Zealand, of which the following are found in the Lemonwood Walk of the Gardens and surrounding areas. See if you can find them!


Agathis australis                        kauri (there are two groves of kauri in the Gardens, see tech note)


Librocedrus bidwilli                    pahautea / mountain cedar

Librocedrus plumosa                 kawaka / kaikawaka


Dacrycarpus dacrydioides         kahikatea / white pine

Dacrydium cupressinum            rimu / red pine

Halocarpus bidwillii                    bog pine

Halocarpus biformis                   pink pine

Halocarpus kirkii                        monoao

Lepidothamnus intermedius      yellow-silver pine

Manoao colensoi                       manoao / silver pine

Podocarpus acutifolius              needle-leaves totara

Podocarpus cunninghamii         mountain totara

Podocarpus nivalis                    snow totara (shrub)

Podocarpus totara                     lowland totara

Prumnopitys ferruginea             miro

Prumnopitys taxifolia                 matai / black pine


Phyllocladus alpinus                 mountain toatoa

Phyllocladus  toatoa                 toatoa

Phyllocladus trichomanoides    tanekaha

But not this one:

Lepidothamnus laxifolius           pygmy pine (shrub)