Taupō Rocks

Taupō Rocks

When you are walking about the Gardens, you will almost certainly see some painted rocks on tree stumps or in hidey holes (hopefully not on the lawns!). They have a wide range of images and messages painted on them. The idea is to find them (a great family activity), take a photo of finder and rock, and post it on the Taupō Rocks Facebook page.  Then 'hide' it somewhere else for someone else to find. 

Some of these rocks are small masterpieces. They seem to end up all over NZ, some are even found overseas. The Taupō Rocks group of artists and finders holds occasional BBQ and rock painting meetings in the Gardens during summer.   Follow them on Facebook for feel-good stories.  

Taupo Rocks Facebook Page

Some great examples from the Taupō Facebook page - many of these artworks can be discovered as you explore the gardens.